selected works 2017-2022

Friedrich Andreoni is an Italian-German artist born on the verge of the last century, who grew up between the Middle East and Europe. Andreoni works across multiple media including sculpture, sound, installation, performative acts, and video, operating independently around the world. His artistic approach gained shape under the influence of Hannes Brunner, Susan Philipsz, Ulrike Mohr and artists from the Raster Media group (aka Raster Noton). He recently spent a brief research time in the United States (2020-22) for which he was awarded fellowships from the DAAD and the Art Institute of Chicago. During this time he also worked with ESS (Experimental Sound Studio Chicago), which commissioned FOR BEGIN AND END TIMES, a space related performative act for six or more car vehicles in which different car alarms are triggered and activated through low frequencies impulses (30-300 kHz). An acoustic and visual exploration which investigates the untapped potential of chaos before and after an event. Andreoni is a member of the Stu­dien­stif­tung des deutsch­en Vol­kes since 2018. Recently his project SHIFT (2021-22) was presented within the official program of the 4th Chicago Architecture Biennial: The Available City and received a special mention for the Pontifical Vatican Academies Prize – Virtuosi del Pantheon (2022), as the only visual artist among several architecture studios. In 2023 Andreoni received the DucatoPrize Academy Award.

Currently, Friedrich is official Meisterschüler of Turner Prize-winning artist Susan Philipsz in Dresden, Germany. There, he is investigating ways of thinking about space beyond the physical object.

2024 – June

Andrea Bardi’s article “Feeling the invisible: Sound as a sculpture, with the dreamscape pushing at the limits of technology” released on Inside Art Magazine 131 

2024 – March

Selected as part of the official residency program at MUSEO NOVECENTO Firenze

2023 – October

Invited together with curator Caterina Angelucci to realise several interventions for Pesaro Italian Capital of Culture 2024

2023 – September

Andreoni was awarded the DucatoPrize Academy Award (DP23)

2022 – November

Pontifical Academies Prize of the Vatican – Virtuosi del Pantheon, shortlisted and special mention as the only visual artist among architecture studios.

2022 – November

The catalog “Chicago Works and Studies 2020-2022” with an essay by Dr Michael J. Golec ‘Chicago Techniques’ was published.

2022 – October

Nominated Meisterschüler of Susan Philipsz 2022-2024.

2022 – September

Andreoni’s commissioned work Untitled (2022): was permanently installed at an architecture studio in Woodstock, IL.

2022 – June

Alba Sonic Arts Residency artist at ESS Experimental Sound Studio Chicago.

2022 – May 

Andreoni’s solo show: SHIFT presented within the official partner program of the 4th Chicago Architecture Biennial: The Available City.

2021 – October

Winner of the Graduate Dean Professional Development Preis

2020 – May

Friedrich Andreoni was granted a research stipend from the DAAD and the Art Institute of Chicago to study and research two years in the United States.

2019 – August 

Andreoni’s second permanent work in public space Gothic Arches-Composition (2019): was permanently installed in Bad-Saarrow, Brandenburg, Germany

2019 – April

Winner of Apulia Center for Art and Technology Prize

2018 – March 

Friedrich Andreoni becomes member of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes.

2017 – April 

Andreoni’s first permanent work in public space Entfernungen (2017): was permanently installed at Kastela Art Center, Piraeus, Greece.